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Beloved clients


Ass. Dir. Marketing Operations - MSD

Magnus joined our team as a true accelerator for our MarTech and Analytics Capabilities. He not only brought the technical expertise and experience that his background suggests, but he also brings the joy and enthusiasm for the necessary change management and to bring people along. In the year he has worked with us he truly elevated our team. I would love to work with Magnus again as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Co-worker - MSD Sweden

Magnus is a fantastic colleague with a will-do approach. Any company will benefit a lot from his strong expertise in marketing technologies and his problem-solving attitude. Asides from being a great specialist Magnus is also a great teacher since I learned a lot from him during our work together. Easy, fun and productive to work with you Magnus!

CEO - Avega Group

When I started a subsidiary within Avega Group AB that would focus on Enterprise Web, Magnus Attefall was one of the first people I hired. I hired Magnus based on his drive, competence in web/online and joy in the face of challenges. We lacked competence in the strategy and planning part, which our clients demanded, leading us to start working together. Magnus' main task was to consult within strategic and operational web/online. Typical assignments consisted of evaluations around our customers' tools in their communicative parts. Also a sounding board for digital investments.

CxO - Ericsson

One of the most productive consultants I have ever worked with.

Global Consult Manager - Cisco

Work performance beyond the ordinary.

PR Manager - Cisco

Magnus is a fantastic person to work with, unassuming and very professional. He has extensive knowledge of web technology and graphic design and has a keen sense of online trends, which made cisco.se a modern and user-friendly website. Apart from this, he was also a highly valued colleague who with his enthusiasm made the team passionate about web development. Magnus has my warmest recommendations.

In Real Life


MSDinsight.se - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Migrated the website from Tridion to WordPress under budget and in half the time than the external web agency optioned for [2023].
DNBeiendom - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Product Owner and Project Manager with developers and designers in Stockholm, Piteå, Örebro and Kyiv, Ukraine. Client based in Oslo, Norway [2020].
Pneumo - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


New website for pneumococcal disease. Made from scratch after design mockup [2022].
Tail-f - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Marketing Automation Manager and project manager for an event in Nice, France [2013].
Ericsson - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Set up and implemented global tech and design documentation for campaign websites. Also project management, KPI and way of working strategies [2012].
Cisco - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Nordic Web & Digital Marketing Manager [2008].
Norrtelje Tidning - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Web Editor & Project Manager for the new website [2007].
Tiscali - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Co-Founder & CIO - Web, Content and Digital Marketing Manager [2001].
  • Tiscali
KitchenLab - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Migrated the whole e-commerce website from Magento to WordPress & WooCommerce [2015].
SEB - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Responsible for digital sales for SEB, primarily at seb.se and the internet bank. Measure, analyze and optimize the sales activities to reach the digital sales goals [2016].
SvenskFast - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Head of Digital & Marketing [2019].
Eco by Naty - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Global E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager [2014].
Svenska Lloyd Resebyrå - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Digital Marketing & E-commerce Manager [2006].
  • Svenska Lloyd Resebyrå
Kelkoo - Portfolio - Attefall Magnus


Co-founder & CIO - Web, Content and Digital Marketing Manager [2000].
Portfolio - Tail-f - Print - Reception - Magnus Attefall


Print for the reception [2013].
Portfolio - Tail-f - Event & Print 1 - Magnus Attefall

Telcom, France

Project Manager and producer of print and digital materials [2013].
Portfolio - Photo Studio - Milk - Magnus Attefall

Own photo studio

Photo from my own photo studio [2014].
  • Private
Portfolio - Photo - Ocean - Magnus Attefall


Outdoor photo from Gotland [2014].
  • Private
Portfolio - Naty - Newsletter - Magnus Attefall


Global newsletter to Eco by Natys over 70.000 subscribers [2014].
Portfolio - Naty - Banner Facebook Ad - Magnus Attefall

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads for a campaign with France's biggest general dealer [2014].
Portfolio - Gothia Golf - Banner Ad 2 - Magnus Attefall


Banner for Digital Marketing [2006].
  • Gothia Golf
Portfolio - KitchenLab - Banner Ad 1 - Magnus-Attefall


Banner for Digital Marketing [2015].

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